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15 reasons why the middle child is the best brother





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Being the middle child is not easy.

Stuck between the elder brother who will always be the first to reach the milestone, to some younger brother who will always be the "baby" of the family, sometimes ignored.

But there are also distinct advantages for middle children. Researchers found that a middle child can develop beneficial properties thanks to its unique position in the family.

Here are some of them:

1. They are experts in negotiation

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Middle children face greater challenge when they need to get what they want, then they need to be experts in manipulation and negotiation. In fact, Catherine Salmon, author of The Secret Power of Middle Children, found that 52% of the presidents of the United States are middle children - including Lincoln, Kennedy, and Teddy Roosevelt.

2. They keep the peace

Being an expert negotiator also comes with a good ability to solve problems. Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., both were middle children.

3. They are very creative

Middle children have a lot of time to themselves, which allows their creativeness burst out while they are trying to entertain themselves.

4. There is less pressure on them

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All the weight for success is always on the eldest child's shoulders - especially because the parents feel so much pressure as they raise their first child and want it to become perfect. With a young child, they are usually busy with treats. But the middle child gets to live peaceful and relaxed without any pressure.

5. They are wonderful partners in a couple

When you are married you are constantly negotiating. Who will throw the garbage? Who will pick up the child? The negotiating skills of the middle child make these decisions become an easy thing.

6. They are excellent at improvising stories

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No matter if they are trying to get attention or to remove guilt of themselves, middle children know how to make up stories instead.

7. They are the glue of the family

The middle child is usually the one who takes care the family will meet on holidays. He is usually the one who resolves family quarrels.

8. They always have to prove themselves

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The eldest child usually goes out unharmed because the parents did not expect him, so they always blame the middle child. Then, because the middle child acted according to the rules, they slip it when it comes to the younger brother. Okay, so it's not really a good thing, but it's definitely about the middle child.

9. They know how to share with others

The middle child always gets what belongs to the eldest brother - bicycles, clothes, toys, everything. Middle children know how to share with everyone.

10. They work hard, and enjoy more

Middle children know how to work hard and spend, because all their life they had to work hard to get noticed. Then, when the moment comes to let go, they know how to spend it because they grew up under the radar.

11. They earn from having an older and younger brother

The middle child gets to learn from the older brother's mistakes, and he also gets to be the coolest brother of his younger brother. In addition, they can accuse each of their brothers for blunders they have made.

12. They make everything in their own way

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Middle children crave independence, and generally leave the parental home as soon as possible. It's not that they do not like their family - they just want to do it their way! Rachel Green of Friends is a perfect example.

13. They flow

After a while, the middle child just get used to shake off the disappointment. They know they need to pick their battles, and not everything has to be a fight.

14. They are very precise

Middle children tend to be very precise. If you tell them to be somewhere at 8:20, they probably will be there at 8:25.

15. They know that not everything is related to them

Middle children has a unique perspective on life. They always want to help others - perhaps because all their lives they were the brother you always turn to.

They do not seek attention directly, but that does not mean they do not want it. So make their day today and tell them that you appreciate all they have done for you!


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