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Feeling dizzy? That's how you will treat vertigo in a couple of seconds using a simple and effective method





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Anyone who had Vertigo know how these attacks can weaken and become debilitating.

Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness that occurs when you don't even move. The cause of the disorder may be damage to the middle ear, the vestibular nerve or the nerve pathways in the brain, and in the brain's vestibular centers.

The feeling is similar to the feeling when you are in a very high location and look down. It's a problem that affects millions of people worldwide, but one doctor found a quick and home treatment.

Dr. Carol Foster has developed a method for treating Vertigo. Since she published it on YouTube, the video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times!

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Dr. Foster calls the treatment "half-incarnation drill", and it worked successfully for millions of people around the world. The best part is that this therapy is simple and it works great.

You lower your head as if you are about to roll, once you are in this position, you look towards your left elbow. Wait for the dizziness will stop, then lift your head to you back's height. After the dizziness stopped again, sit as soon as possible.

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For people who suffer from vertigo, this solution has changed their lives.

For Sue Rikers, her vertigo was so hard that she couldn't function and do anything but wait for the attack to pass.

"I could not drive, I could not walk, I had to hold on to walls", recalls Rikers. "It was very scary".

Rikers suffered from vertigo for years. Her attacks lasted for days before they stopped, but she said they would always come back. Imagine living with constant dizziness.

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Fortunately, Rikers found the video of Dr. Foster and tried it.

"It worked!", She says. "It passed my vertigo on the first time!".

If you, or people you know suffer from vertigo, you should watch the video below.

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