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13 Signs you should leave your parent's home





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When you go to college your parents are proud and also a little sad. When you come back home in the weekends, you will are welcomed with open arms and a full refrigerator. And of course you think that's how it will be the rest of your life. But then you finish college and go to a big trip, after half a year you return home, the parents are glad to see you and the fridge is still full. But after a week, you are hungry, open the refrigirator's door and.. no food! Where the hell is my food?

Suddenly you hear someone saying: "I told you to throw the trash", and then it hits you - I must leave home!

1. Your dad's drink bar contains more apple juice than alcohol

Everyone have in his house bar filled with liquers the parents never drink. Everyone also knows to drink the alcohol and then replace it with an apple juice or something similar. But if the bar has more juice than alcohol, its probably about time to leave home.

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2. You came back from a club on sunday morning just as your parents woke up

You're back from the club, with red eyes, trying to enter your room just as mom makes herself a coffee. Quick, lie! "Hey mom, I stayed up late in my friend's place and woke up not long ago so I came back home", whil confused between the bathroom and your room.

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3. Your parents met too many one-night stands of yours accidently

Sunday morning, 11AM, and your parents hang around the living room. You have two choices - present her to your parents and suffer an awkward situation, or at least do the right thing.. and try to sneak her out without no one noticing. The two choices are brave, and they both aren't going to end nicely for you.

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4. You feel guilty for having a hangover on Sundays and not feeling like talking to no one

Your parents are waiting for you in the living room in the afternoon and want to talk to you about life, but you look like death and everything you want to do is watch TV. Mom keeps trying to make a conversation, but you answer yes or no. If only there was a place for you to wake up and no one will talk to you ...

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5. Your parents start to doubt your decisions about life

"You went out yesterday and the day before, where do you have the money for that?" Well, the obvious answer is that you do not pay rent or bills, or buy food. It's getting really bad when you're drunk weekend with a hangover, and begins to mom starts nagging and ask what you would do with your life, you need to find a job... "Clearly Mom, I know all that. Do not make feel worse".

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6. You have to be friendly with your parents' friends

Once the parents invite friends for dinner, you have to be there. Most likely you have met them when you were 10, and they remember you good, but you have no idea who they are. So if you find yourself sitting in midweek dinner with friends of parents ... .Its probably time to pack a bag and look for an apartment.

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7. You have to leave the room when one of your friends call because you do not want parents to hear the conversation

Everyone loves to talk about yesterday when you went out. Even where you finished the evening, with who did you return home, how many joints you smoked. But when Mom and Dad are sitting next to you and read a newspaper, you do not want them to hear something like, "Yeah man, what a blowing material, we must organize it again..."

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8. Your parents know more gossip than your friends

After you have kept silent when it comes to your social life, you suddenly start emitting more details about your life, and your parents are beginning to hear the names regularly and they suddenly know who goes with who, and who separated from who. They begin to ask questions, and before you know, you start telling them who your friends slept with who.

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9. "You can do it when you have your own home"

You see the newest and most amazing TV advertisement in the market, and you say aloud, "Let's buy one!", Of course you laugh, but it would be awesome if your parents really had such a TV. Without moving your eyes from what he does, you suddenly hear your father say, "You can buy one when you have your own house".

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10. You mow the lawn best in the world

Let's say there's no one better lawn mowing than you. Not even Forrest Gump. If you said or thought about it, it's time to go.

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11. Mother does not stop harassing that your room is messy

A messy room is something you had as a kid. So you grew up and the room is still a mess, and you discover that you are simply messy people. But this is your room, so who cares? Your parents care. This is your room, but it is their house. If you do not keep the room tidy you risk having your mom finding cigarettes, weed, condoms, and god knows what more ... maybe you should clean the room. Or just leave the house.

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12. Neighbors and your old teachers judge you

In the pub, on the street or at the mall. You will encounter people you have met in the past. Especially teachers. And they think, "He is a little old to live with parents. Probably he didn't do good in life". If you do not work, the situation becomes much worse. The usual answer in these cases is "I'm between jobs".

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13. Your parents always suggest that you should go

If you do not understand by the above signs that you have to leave your home, then your parents will do it for you. They will tell you, "I heard that apartment prices have fallen ..." or "I saw Facebook's that Rachel's daughter is leaving her house...". Probably its time to leave!

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Living with parents is nice, up to a point. It is comfortable, clean and there's food. But to live alone is another world. If you have not done it by now, and you identify with the signs above, so definitely it's time.


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