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Its official, the youngest brother is the funniest in family





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In families where everyone is trying to be comedians you will always find the brothers (and sometimes parents) fight on which one is the funniest. Of course, a sense of humor is individual, and if something makes one person laugh, the other it won't move a muscle in the face. Ask Kanye West, he'll tell you.

Here, Kanye West laughs from a joke.

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But all these arguments between siblings can be completed now when a study recently conducted by YouGuv revealed that the little brother is the funniest. The study also reveals that the big brother in the family feels more responsibility than them all, which sounds quite logical, since they are the ones who are supposed to lead by example to the young brothers, isn't it?

Sometimes people talk about the differences in nature due to the birth order of the children, you must have heard about the syndrome of the middle brother and that the younger brother is the most spoiled? Well, this study shows that there is a correlation between birth order and differences in the character of every brother and sister.

When checking the first brother and the last one in families in England with more than one child (86% of the population), you notice a very big difference in the character of each, says in the study.

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According to the study, the biggest difference is the feeling of responsibility - 54% of the older brothers say they are more responsible than their brothers, compared with 31% for younger siblings. When younger siblings say they are more funny, patient and calm.

Are you the funniest in your family? Think that this study is suitable for your family? Tell us what you think in comments below.


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