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A new study states: Nagging mothers raise more successful daughters





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Are you listening to me? Do your homework. Put the clothes in the closet. Why is your backpack in the middle of the room? Do the dishes. I will not let you hang out with James (but his name is really John or maybe it Gerrard). Your grounded! Concentrate on your future. Are you listening to me? Do not you dare come home after 21:00. Have you done your homework? Go and learn. Clean your face and do not forget to brush your teeth. Do I look like a maid? Have you finished cleaning the room?

If you said the above collection of questions, statements, and rhetorical questions every day, in what seemed like an eternity, to your [insert her age] year old daughter before - Great.

Keep doing what you're doing, nag her, Disturb her, and annoy her until she finally understands you. Then, when the alarm goes off the next morning, do it again. Studies have shown that mothers who swing and nag raise much better and more successful daughters.

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The researcher Erica Rascon-Ramirez of the University of Essex has led a study showing that "Behind every successful woman, stands a nagging mother". The study looked at data from 15,000 girl students aged 13-14 from 2004 to 2010. According to this website, Ramirez found that "the likeness of the expectations of the research reflects a combination of aspirations and beliefs of the leading parent - in most cases - the mother, about the likelihood that her daughter will reach higher education ".

The girls with mothers who had high expectations of them, pushed their daughters make better decisions in life. According to the DailyMail, the study revealed how pushy mothers reduced by 4% the chances of their daughters becoming pregnant in high school compared with medium-sized ambitious parents. These girls had a higher probability of getting to university, and to build out a successful career for themselves and earn more money.

"In many cases we were able to do what we believed is more convenient for us, even if it was against the will of our parents. But no matter how we tried to dodge the recommendations of our parents, eventually they affected us, in a more subtle way, with the choices that we thought they were very personal", explained researcher Rascon-Ramirez.

So to all the "nagging" mothers, continue to be pushy! All these nags will eventually pay off.

I like this

During their teenage age, daughters may not understand why your only goal in life is to "annoy" them. Their young and complex head is too busy in high school dramas, and they are not able to process the deeper meaning behind the cause of your nagging - you love them and so you only want what's best for them. You nag them about daily tasks so they can adopy these habits for themselves that will benefit them in the future when they have to deal with the real world.

Trust us, sometime in their 20s, they will have a realization, and finally understand that all these nags were for their favor. And when they understand, they will give back love, understanding and appreciation for you - the nagging mother.


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