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Warning! Doctors warn us from using moist wipes. This is why...





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If you have kids, you probably also have wipes at home. They are handy, easy to carry, and are not harmful to anyone - or at least so we thought up until now.

Studies reveal that many of popular wipes now can do the most painful rash in your child.

When wet wipes first appeared on the market, they were a rescue vehicle parents have been waiting for so long. But it is possible that's the end of it.

Although there were a number of studies showing wipes aren't ideal for children because they are no completely gentle, many parents chose to use this practical cloth.

But new research reveals that parents who use wipes are endangering their children because they contain different chemicals.

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According to NBC News, studies had revealed severe reaction in children to some of the components that are found in most popular wipes. Behind these studies stand Dr. Mary Wu Chang, professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the medical school at the University of Connecticut. She examined six cases in which every response was unique.

8-year-old girl whose mother used the wipes to clean the mouth has suffered serious blows in. When the mother stopped using wipes, rash disappeared. These symptoms appear in all cases, which led to Dr. Chang to conclude wipes are housed behind the rash.

Another dermatologist, Dr. Alan Frankel, supports the researches of Dr. Chang.

"I always told parents absolutely do not use wipes. They contain many chemicals and can irritate an already damaged skin as a result of coming into contact with urine and feces", said Dr. Allan Frankel to 12WPRI.

Both brands tested were Huggies and Cotonel. Both companies confirmed they are reviewing alternative components for their wipes, according to 12WPRI.

The most dangerous chemical found in these wipes is a chemical named Methylisothiazolinone, and dermatologists urge parents to always read the ingredients before use to make sure the child wipes do not contain this chemical.

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