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The couple had 3 pairs of twins in 5 years: but one unexpected detail left the doctors stunned





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When an old family friend of Carrie and Craig Kosinski contacted them and asked if they could take care of her young twins, they immediately said yes.

Carrie and Craig offered to take temporary custody of the sweet twins.

But days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and very quickly, the girls were part of the family forever.

Having children had always been Carrie and Craig's dream, but they had no idea what a journey lay ahead of them.

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After two years of raising the girls, Carrie and Craig heard from the girls' biological mother, who explained that she had another heartbreaking situation.

She suffered from severe problems in her life and found it difficult to make them work. She asked the couple if they would be willing to adopt her two-year-old twins Sissy and JJ.

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The young twins were Kanye and Adeline's biological brother and sister.

Adoptive parents Carrie and Craig had to think carefully about the right thing to do.

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"It's a difficult situation. We tried to get pregnant on our own. But they were siblings so it was definitely part of our consideration - we wanted the siblings to be together", Carrie said.

Carrie and Craig put their worries aside and told the mother that they would be happy to adopt the young twins.

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But weeks after welcoming Sissy and JJ into the family, Carrie felt strange and realized she needed to see a doctor.

An ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant. In fact, not one embryo appeared on the screen, but two! These will be her and Craig's third twins in five years!

Although they were a little shocked at first, Craig and Carrie knew their pregnancy was a godsend. The two decided to do everything they could for the six children to grow up in a loving and safe environment.

But fate was about to visit the family again, and the doctors couldn't believe it was happening.

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Unbelievably, twins Carlin and Clarissa were born on February 28th - exactly the same date the other two sets of twins were born!

The fact that all of Carrie and Craig's children were born on the same date was a sign from heaven for the parents - that it was meant to happen.

Carrie said: "It's clear that God has a sense of humor".

Unfortunately, Carrie and Craig's biological twins were born at 25 weeks pregnant and had to spend several months in the hospital. But when they were able to return home, Carlin and Clarissa were healthy and strong.

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Six children is not a cheap business at all, but luckily the good people in the community supported and helped Carrie and Craig.

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The fact that all six children were born on the same date – Sissy and JJ were born on February 28, 2013, Adeline and Kenya were born on February 28, 2014, and Carlin and Clarissa were born on February 28, 2016 – made Carrie and Craig feel that someone up there had a plan for their family.

And it's hard not to agree!

Watch the family's amazing journey:

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A huge thank you to Craig and Carrie for their huge hearts. It's wonderful that they take care of four children as if they were their own.

In a way, it feels like the couple got a reward they deserved, as they got to give birth to adorable twins of their own.


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