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Identical twin sisters were born in 2010 - Today they are 8 years old and considered 'the most beautiful twins in the world'





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Finding out that you are pregnant is usually wonderful news for future parents. In addition, finding out that there are two babies that are growing in your stomach is twice the happiness.

The identical twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie were born in California on July 7, 2010.

It did not take long before Mother Jackie noticed their rare beauty.

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By the time they were six months old they had been offered a first modeling contract. But the mother of three understood how difficult it was to handle three children and also modeling work, so she refused all the offers she received.

When the twins celebrated their 7th birthday, on July 7, 2017, Jackie saw it as a sign (7/7/2017). She posted a picture of them to Instagram, but she had no idea how popular the image would become.

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The Clements twins became celebrity overnight, and many modeling agencies began offering them jobs.

The twins, who always liked the limelight, wanted to give modeling a chance after their mother offered them the idea.

As the days passed, the girls' Instagram account gained more followers.

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People around the world admired the beauty of the girls, and many called them 'the most beautiful twins in the world'.

Almost every agent Jackie talked to wanted to meet the girls. And within a few months, their Instagram account rose from 15,000 to more than 150,000 followers. Today they have over 200,000 followers.

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Today the girls have a contract with two modeling agencies, and even their older brother signed the agency.

Signed a contract with children's clothing companies

Now the whole family is involved in the girls' modeling career. The parents quit their jobs so they could travel with the girls to all their modeling jobs.

Of course, children should not be forced to work if it makes them miserable, but as long as they enjoy it and think it's fun, there's no problem with it. what do you think?

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Although beauty comes from within, one can not dispute that these girls are beautiful.


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