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The Siamese twins, Abby and Brittany, celebrated their 27th birthday and made a life-changing decision





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Abby and Brittany Hansel are not ordinary twins.

Their birth made a medical history 27 years ago - and since then they became famous all over the world.

The reason?

They are one of the few recorded cases of twins born with one body that survived.

After the birth of their miracle, the twins appeared countless times on television and documentaries. The years passed and Abby and Brittany celebrated their 27th birthday this year.

Now, thanks to a new and interesting development in their lives, they are making headlines again.

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As siamese twins, Abby and Brittany shared the same body for 27 years. It is very rare for twins to share the same body and have two separate heads. In rare cases like these, the best thing for doctors is not to separate the twins, unless one of them is dying.

Abby and Brittany certainly fascinated the world. Born in Minnesota in 1990, their birth was similar to a case from the end of the 19th century, which also shocked doctors all over the world.

The Tucci Brothers

The italian siamese twins Giacomo and Giovanni Tucci also survived their adult lives. But according to researchers, it is difficult to determine how old they were. There are reports that they lived until the age of 65, others say they died at a much younger age. They married two women.

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Only about 11% of all siamese twins are born with two heads and one body, like Abby and Brittany.

Both Abby and Brittany have their own internal organs. Meaning they have two hearts, four lungs and two stomachs.

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Of course, the twins have grown up with unique challenges, but nevertheless, they have achieved so much! They studied education and finished university together and even have a driver's license!

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When they graduated from Bethel University, the twins decided they wanted to be teachers. They teach mathematics today. They say that their unique characteristics make students concentrate more in the classroom, and remind them that appearances do not matter.

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The twins have recently begun teaching in an elementary school that's about an hour away from their home - and according to the school's manager, they have already become the students' favorite teachers.

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But the twins didn't always agree on their future careers. Their mother Patty explains:

"When they were five, I remember that one wanted to be a pilot and the other wanted to be a dentist", she said.

After spending a lot of time in the limelight when they were young, today the girls prefer to keep their profile low.

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Congratulations to Abby and Brittany! You are so brave that you chase your dreams! We share their story further to wish the twins and students success with whatever they are and will do in the future. Look below to learn more about Abby and Brittany.

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