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A miracle in the delivery room left the doctors shocked - the birth that made headlines all over the world!





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When Alexandra Kinova, 23, and her husband Antonin received the wonderful news that their family was about to grow up, they were absolutely happy.

The Czech couple already had a boy - but they were happy when they heard they would soon have another family member.

And the joy grew even more when doctors told them they were going to have twins. The young couple was preparing to grow their family from 3 to 5 people.

Soon after, Alexandra and her husband went to see the doctor - and they couldn't prepare themselves for the news he was going to tell them.

When the doctor showed them the ultrasound, Alexandra was so moved she began to cry.

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At first the doctors were sure that Alexandra had twins, but then they told her she actually has a triplet in her stomach.

But after providing further examination, the doctors had a new prediction: Alexandra has a quartet!

But the stomach of the 23-year-old girl continued to grow and grow, and on her last ultrasound they discovered the unbelievable truth: Alexandra's stomach had five babies!

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In the summer of 2013, it was time to give birth to the babies, and fortunately the birth has passed without any special complications.

Four boys and one daughter came into the world in a cesarean operation.

Unfortunately, the father Antonin missed the exciting event because he was late for the train to the city. In the end, he came to the delivery room shortly after the babies were born.

"I cried all the way there because I was sure I would miss it", he said later.

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Alexandra's Quintet is the first ever born in the Czech Republic in natural conception. All infants were born healthy.

Today, the babies Daniel, Michael, Alex, Martin and Tereza are growing and growing, and they are all perfectly healthy.

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Alexandra and Antonin certainly did not expect five babies - but it is clear to everyone that they wouldn't exchange their treasures for anything in the world!

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The chances of giving birth to a quintet are 1 to 47 million, and the chances that all babies will survive is even smaller, so you can definitely call Alexandra's birth a miracle!


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