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Do not throw your tea bags in the trash - 8 reasons why you should keep them in place!





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There is nothing like coffee in the morning. I start my day with a cup of coffee, but in the evenings I prefer tea.

You know how it is, you turn on a kettle and in a short time, you have a cup of hot tea - after you of course dip the tea bag you like in the hot water.

After a few minutes, you take out the tea bag, throw it in the trash and drink the tea.

But since my grandmother taught me some tricks that can be done with tea bags, I am no longer in a hurry to throw them in the trash.

Keep reading and find out what wonderful things you can do with tea bags. You will be amazed at how useful they are - and maybe even save some money in the process..

1. Relief from sunburn

Take a tea bag of black tea and rinse it with cold water.

It will be your best friend if your skin is burned during the summer or you are on vacation abroad. Black tea contains tannic acid which helps the skin to heal and gives a feeling of coolness.

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2. Relief from mild burns

You can use the same tea bags you used for sunburn relief for another urgent situation.

If you accidentally get a burn from the oven or a hot pan, put a tea bag on the affected area. The tannic acid in the tea bag daughter will soothe the burns.

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3. Get rid of warts

Did you know that green tea contains antioxidants that can prevent the growth of warts? Take a used green tea bag after it has cooled and place it on the wart.

After 15 minutes, remove the tea bag and replace with a new one. Leave the second tea bag for 15 minutes. And then a few days and the wart will fall off on its own.

4. Put an end to swollen eyes

The tannic acid in the black tea can also soothe the swollen bags under your eyes.

Next time you drink black tea, save the tea bag. Put it in a closed container and put in the refrigerator for a day or two. And then, when you feel it's time to do something about the bags under your eyes, just take two tea bags from the fridge.

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5. Remove dirt and grease stains

Do you soak your dishes in water because of stubborn stains?

Just fill the sink with water and dirty dishes. Then, throw in some tea bags. The stains will come off easily afterwards.

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6. Weed killer

Tea bags can turn into a wonderful solution for weeding.

Try herbal black tea, or make a recipe for citrus tea with water. You can also mix in a bottle of black tea spray with vinegar and orange peel and spray on the weeds.

7. Fertilizer

Not only can you use tea bags as compost, but you can put tea leaves directly around your seedlings.

Roses love tea, and so do more flowers. You can dig and put the tea bags in the ground or scatter tea leaves around the seedlings.

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8. Itchy eyes

Are your eyes itchy, and turn red? Well, tea bags to the rescue!

Prepare a strong black tea, take out the tea bag, and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Then, place it in the corner of the eyes, close to the nose bridge, and let the liquid touch your eyes.

You will feel a great relief afterwards.

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Have you ever used tea for anything other than the drink? What tricks would you like to try?

Tell us in the comments and do not forget to share these wonderful tips with your friends and family!


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