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17 clever uses of Vaseline you never knew of. #13 is simply genious!





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Almost everyone has some box with Vaseline somewhere in the house - probably in a closet in the bathroom.

Traditionally, it has been used to moisturize dry lips.

But did you know that there are many other uses for the ancient ointment?

Here are 17 smart and effective ways to use Vaseline you probably didn't know of - and they'll really help you!

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1. Make your perfume hold for longer

Have you noticed that sometimes you put on perfume but the smell lasts only for about an hour? Well, if you smear some Vaseline on your skin before you put on the perfume, the smell will remain for long hours.

2. Open a stuck zipper

Do you have a stubborn zipper that just won't move? All you need is to oil it with a little bit of Vaseline.

3. Bad Hair Day?

Do you suffer from dry edges or hair that will not stay in place? Forget about gel for or other hair products - all you need is some Vaseline to soothe and moisturize your hair.

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4. Shoe polish

Believe it or not, but Vaseline works wonderfully well on leather.

You can polish your shoes with a little bit of Vaseline or even rub some Vaseline on your leather coat from time to time to keep it.

5. Replaces the masking tape when you paint

Do you paint a window or a bureau and can't find a masking tape to put on it? Just sprinkle a bit of Vaseline on the places you do not want to have color - works like magic!

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6. Prevents squeaking doors

Squeaking doors can realy annoy. A tip for stopping those creaks is to lubricate the hinges with a little bit of Vaseline. To ensure you've spreaded it in all places use a small brush.

7. Makeup Remover

Did you run out of the makeup remover? Put some Vaseline on a cotton ball and apply it to your face. Trust us, it works.

8. How to put nail polish in an easier way

Applying nail polish can cause a mess and it is not always easy to apply nail polish. Sometimes the nail polish just spreads everywhere.

If you apply some Vaseline around the nails before putting the nail polish, you can then remove the nail polish easily without it sticking to the skin.

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9. Substitute for mosquitoes repellent

Is there no mosquito repellent around?

Just apply some Vaseline on the skin. Its smell rejects mosquitoes and other insects.

10. Removes water stains from wood

Someone left a wet glass on your favorite wooden table and there is an irritating stain on it?

Don't worry - apply some Vaseline on the stain, leave it overnight, wipe it, and the stain will disappear!

11. Keep the makeup in place

If you apply Vaseline before putting on lipstick or silhouette, the makeup will stay longer.

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12. Removes makeup stains easily from clothes

Some of the worst stains on clothes are makeup stains. We know you will agree with us on this.

Here's a great tip - if you apply a little bit of Vaseline on the makeup stain before you put the clothes in the laundry, it helps removing the stain.

13. Fixed broken telephone screen

The phone broke and the screen cracked? Don't get mad, it happens to everyone.

Well, if the screen just scratched, instead of paying a lot of money to someone to fix the screen, why not fix it yourself?

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Fill the scratch with Vaseline, wait a few minutes, and then wipe. that's it.

14. Remove a ring that has been stuck on the finger

Did you try to measure a ring and it stuck on your finger? Don't panic - apply some Vaseline and it will easily slip off your finger.

15. Before hair coloring

If you paint your hair at home, this is a tip that can help you.

Apply some Vaseline on the hairline before painting it, so there will be no stains on the skin from the color.

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16. Removing red wine stains

As with water - if there were any red wine stains on the table, put a little Vaseline on them, leave it all night, and in the morning wipe them off.

17. Wax on candlestick

Apply some Vaseline in places where the wax is dripping onto the candlestick. This will make it much easier to clean the wax off the candlestick.

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We guess you didn't know how useful Vaseline could be, right? It may be an old and anceint product, but it is always good to have it at home.


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