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Do this for 6 minutes a day - and this is what will happend to your belly fat





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Many people are confusing the term "Core" and think it's the same term to describe the abdominal muscles, but these are two seperate things.

The core is a bigger term which includes the abdominals, buttocks, lower back and the thighs.

Therefore, core training improves body stability, eases on lower back pain, improves the athletic abilities, and helps to prevent injuries.

The following training program will do miracles for your body and your belly fat:

Day 1

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The first part is 3 simple exercises, that will take 5 minutes to complete. For the ambitious among you, repeat the exercises as follow:

Exercise 1: Skyscrappers - do 10 times on each side
Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers - 10 times on each side
Exercise 3: Army Crawls - take 36 steps

Day 2

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The exercise program for the second training day includes 4 tougher exercises that will take you 5 minutes to complete. Again, if you seek to challenge yourself, do the following:

Exercise 1 - Breakdancer - Do 15 repetitions on each side
Exercise 2 - Skydiver - Hold for 30 seconds
Exercise 3 - Dead Bug - Repeat 10 times
Exercise 4 - Thread the Needle - Do 10 repetitions on each side

Day 3

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On the third day, You will need to do 4 difficult exercises within 6 intensive minutes.

Exercise 1 - Crab kicks into superman - do 6 repetitions on each side
Exercise 2 - Star leg raise - do 10 repetitions on each side
Exercise 3 - Side V-ups - do 10 repetitions on each side
Exercise 4 - Over/under - do 10 repetitions on each side

Start slowly, and when you're ready, increase the number of repetitions. You will see and feel the difference shortly.


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