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Important warning: If a service dog comes up to you without its owner - do this immediately





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Service dogs and guide dogs share a special relationship with their owners.

Whether it's opening or closing doors, getting things off the floor, taking things off shelves, driving a wheelchair, turning on and off lights, or just making sure the road is safe, a guide dog is a valuable friend for people with disabilities.

But what happens if you come in contact with a guide dog who doesn't seem to have an owner around him? The initial thought may be that it has been abandoned or lost.

But there can be a good reason for him to be alone, and it could be the difference between life and death ..

Thanks to a woman named Melissa Hope, more people can learn this vital information. We ask that you share this article so that you can raise awareness about what to do if a service dog or guide dog approaches you alone.

So what to do? Well, we will explain ..

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This information was originally published in Tumblr, and has since been distributed throughout the network.

"If a service dog without an owner comes up to you, it means that his owner needs urgent help"

One day, the person who wrote the original post tripped and fell on the face. Although he was not severely injured, the service dog of that person immediately went into action and ran to look for an adult to alert him to what had happened - just he have been trained.

"I started to run after him, cleaning my pants from dirt, and I found him trying to get the attention of a nervous little woman, and she tried to drive him away and told him to go, so I feel I have to explain and talk about it".

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Always remember that if a service dog approaches you and seems to be trying to pass information to you, the owner may be in a life-threatening situation.

"If it was an emergency, I could vomit and choke, I could have been hit in the head, many things could have happened to me".

"It is important"

Many people praised the post writer for choosing to share the information. We agree, because hardly anyone knows about it.

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In this case, the situation worked out for the better. But in a different situation, this may not have been the case, so early knowledge can save lives.

Please help spread this important information with everyone you know. Move it on by sharing the story.


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