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Family threw the dog away like trash when they left, but a fateful decision by the neighbor saved his life





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A family packed the whole house and prepared to leave their beloved home for the last time. But before they left, they left all the things they didn't want to take with them outside the house. And along with all the garbage, they also left their pitbull - with all the remains.

They even went back to the house one more time to get more things, and Bo was waiting for them in the same place they left him. But like the first time, they didn't take him with them again.

This despicable act worried the neighbors, and one of them decided to do something about it.

He took a picture of Bo and posted the picture on Facebook. And that changed everything.

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One of the neighbors witnessed the family's horrible act, and he knew he had to help Bo find a better family. A family that knows how to treat animals. She took a picture of Bo lying sadly on the mattress they had left. The photo went viral and was shared by thousands of people. Eventually, the picture went to a man named Mike Diesel.

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Mike was interested in giving Bo the life he deserved. He immediately drove to where the dog lay, lonely and sad. Aware that the dog was scared and feeling unsafe, Mike approached him very cautiously. And his patience paid off, within one day he voluntarily got into his car, after receiving food and love from Mike.

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Mike had the patience to gain Bo's trust - and this allowed Bo to show Mike what a wonderful dog he is. Today, the two are best friends, living happily together. We're sure Bo felt terrible after being abandoned by his previous family, but Mike's love and care certainly cover it up.

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Watch Mike and Bo in the video below.

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