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She threw her dog into the trash and moved in with the boyfriend - but she didn't expect this kind of response from animal lovers





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Every time we are amazed by the way people treat their animals. This woman simply dumped her dog in the trash when she moved in and went to live with her boyfriend.

But luckily, this story has a good ending - at least for the dog. As for the woman, just keep on reading.

The dog, Puna, had no easy life. She lived with a woman who shouldn't have had a dog from the beginning. The woman neglected her and starved her until she was all skin and bones.

Then one day, the woman decided she no longer wanted Puna. She wanted to move out and go and live with her boyfriend. So she threw Puna out the door, just like garbage, and threw her into a trash can.

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Puna was locked up in the trash can for three days, and whoever did it to her was the person who was supposed to love her most. We can not imagine how this dog felt.

Then three days later, an employee of a garbage truck named Nathan Beanie came to empty the garbage.

He was shocked from what he saw

Luckily, Nathan found the dog in the garbage. At first, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her skeleton-like body, and immediately pulled out his lunch and gave it to Puna.

Then he went straight to the local dog shelter house.

There, the veterinarian who checked Puna, was also shocked by the dog's extreme thinness.

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Fortunately, it was very easy to locate and identify the woman who abandoned Puna so cruelly. The dog had a chip and the police checked who owned it. They arrested the woman and accused her of abusing animals. She paid a fine of $600 and underwent a psychiatric examination.

One thing is certain: Puna will never return to its owner.

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Megan, from the Humane Society of Westmoreland County, made sure that Puna received a lot of food and love, and it didn't take long before the dog doubled her weight.

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But the story didn't end there! Megan loved the dog so much that she decided to adopt it herself.

Megan said that Puna got used to her new life very quickly and today she is healthy and happy. She even has a big brother, a huge dane dog named Steve.

Megan plans to tame Puna and turn her into a therapeutic dog.

"I think her story is inspiring", Megan said.

Watch the news report and you'll see Puna at her new home:

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