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This foot bath will cleanse your entire body of toxins and improve your overall health





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The modern lifestyle affects our overall health, and we start to feel it on our bodies. One of the areas that are damaged the most from this lifestyle is our feet, because they are exposed to heavy pressure from our body weight at all hours of the day.

Heels and uncomfortable shoes contribute to this problem and make it worse, resulting in millions of women around the world waking up tired and in bad mood. Men also suffer from walking in tight elegant shoes that compress the feet and put pressure on it. This is a problem that can lead to cracked heels, fungal infections and varicose veins.

But there is a natural way to soothe the feet. After a long day, you can enjoy a pleasant bath for your feet, which will remove the bad smell, soothe your feet, and eliminate fungal bacteria. In this article, we will show you a simple foot bath that will soothe your feet, and it consists of wonderful natural ingredients.

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How to prepare:

Take the tub and fill it with hot water, add all the ingredients, and soak your feet for 15 minutes. Then wash them with water. Finally, remove the dead skin cells from the feet with a pumice stone. This bath provides the following benefits:

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Reduces stress

Epsom salt bath is one of the most effective methods to reduce stress. The salt is rich in magnesium, which helps general health and lowers the level of stress in the body.

A universal method for detoxification

Foot baths completely cleanse the body of toxins and help overall health.

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Calms the mind

Reflexology is an ancient alternative medicine method that provides many health benefits by stimulating points on the feet. According to this approach, there are several nerves located in the feet, so foot baths activate these nerves which provide relief and a good feeling.

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