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A 4 Year-old girl called a lone widower 'Old', her mother was amazed of his reaction





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The kind words of a 4-year-old girl helped relieve the pain of an old man after he lost his wife.

Tara Wood and her daughter Nora were in a grocery store, buying cupcakes for Nora's birthday when the girl noticed an old man who caught her attention

Tara documented the sweet interaction in Facebook.

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"We stopped for a short time at the grocery store to buy cupcakes for Nora's birthday. She was sitting in the shopping cart that looks like a car or truck as the old man passed near us. We've passed near a few old customers, but Nora for some reason was attracted to him like a magnet.

Her face were lit like the sun, she waved him with excitement, and said 'Hey old man! its my birthday today!'.

He continued doing his stuff but his facial expression changed when she realized she was talking to him.

'Well Hello young lady! And how are you today?', he asked. They talked for a few seconds, and it was the cutest thing in the world.

We said 'Good bye', and kept shopping.

After a few minutes, she turned to me and asked 'Can I take a photo with this old man for my birthday?'.

Well.. it was the cutest thing ever!

I knew the wasn't too far from us, so we came back and found him.

'Excuse me, sir? She wants to know if you'll be willing to take a photo with her for her birthday?' I asked".

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"Sometimes talking to strangers become to most beautiful thing in the world.

He looked confused, then in shock, and then happy.

'A picture? With me?' he asked.

'Yes sir! for my birthday', Nora said.

So they took a picture together and then hugged as if they are friends for many years.

We said Mr. Dan thank you for taking a few minutes off his day to talk to us.

He started to cry and said, 'No. Thank you. It was the best day I've had in a long time. You made me so happy Mrs. Nora'".

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A short while after Tara published the post on Facebook, a man made contact with her who knows Mr. Dan. The man said his name was Dan Peterson and that at the grocery was the first time he saw him smile after his wife passed away.

Within a few days, the two were on their way to his house.

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"We just finished a 2.5 hours visit at wonderful Mr. Dan. I'm sure he's the most interesting person in the world. And also, he asked me if I ever modeled, so he is the most favorite person in the world to me. Of course".

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"Nora brought him a framed picture of them both in the grocery store, pictures that she painted (and put on his fridge), and a bag full of muffins.. if she has no diabetes, now he'll have".

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"Dear Mr. Dan is about to become part of our family if he wants to or not (but he does)".

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"Do yourself a favor folks - take the time to talk to old people. I think that sometimes they are invisible to us - as if they don't exist. But you know what? They are important. They are valuable. They want to be seen and heard. They want to know we haven't forgot them".

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"Let's take care and love them".

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Ever since the first visit, Tara and Nora visit Mr. Dan frequently.

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