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This is the best detox you can try. All you need are just 2 ingredients





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Did you know that about 100 tons of food and 40,000 gallons of fluid pass through your gut over 70 years? Believe it or not, about 4 kg of fecal matter and toxic waste 'get stuck' in your digestive tract.

These toxins enter the bloodstream, damaging your organs.

But you can easily prevent it by cleansing the body of toxins, and removing the accumulation of fecal and other harmful substances from your digestive system.

These toxins cause kidney and liver problems, cause diabetes, constipation, poor metabolism, hearing and vision problems, skin problems, cancer, and more and more.

This cleansing treatment also helps in weight loss, balances metabolism and cholesterol level. You will not find a better detoxification for the colon.

Here's what you need to do:

Eat the following mixture for 3 weeks instead of your regular breakfast:

Week 1 - 1 tablespoon flaxseed flour + 100 ml of kefir.

Week 2 - 2 tablespoons flaxseed flour + 100 ml of kefir.

Week 3 - 3 tablespoons flaxseed flour + 150 ml of kefir.

Do not forget to drink water. Drink the recommended daily amount of water. Honey water works great as well. Buy ready-made flaxseed flour or grind the seeds yourself. And remember, always use fresh flax seeds.

Health Benefits of Kefir (Evidence Based)

Kefir is a fermented drink made usually with milk and “kefir grains” which are friendly living organisms.

Kefir is a complete source of protein with many essential amino acids, minerals, and valuable B vitamins.

A study published in the Nutrition Research Reviews journal found that milk kefir contains several major strains of friendly bacteria and beneficial yeasts. These probiotic organisms help to cleanse the intestine, help balance the intestinal flora and destroy pathogens such as E-coli and parasites.

Another scientific study found that kefir helps to restore the digestive system, relieves inflammatory bowel disease and helps to boost your immune system. Do this treatment for a year.

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Adding ground flaxseeds to your diet is one of the great ways to help cleanse your colon.

Ground flaxseeds absorb water and expand in the colon, aid in the stool passage through your intestinal tract and remove toxins as they pass through.

Flaxseeds are also rich rich in ALA, one form of omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties, and may relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

Some Studies found that lignans in flaxseed also have a protective effect on colon cancer.

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