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12 genius tricks that will make your feet say thank you!





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Despite all the office jobs out there, tired feet are a reality for most of us. This is especially true when we wear shoes all day, which warm our feet without much room to breathe.

Comfortable shoes of course help, as well as cotton or wool socks, but our feet carry us not only throughout the day, but our entire lives, so we definitely think they deserve a little more love.

Here are 12 ways to give them the love they so deserve.

Some of these are tips you may be familiar with, but others will likely surprise you.

1. Foot bath with baking soda powder

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Are your legs tired after a long walk? Mix 3-4 teaspoons of baking soda powder with one liter of water and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing foot bath.

2. Glue fingers together

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Want to dance all evening in your new shoes without your feet hurting? The solution is adhesive tape! Use a thick tape to wrap the second and third finger together. Between these two toes is a nerve that causes pain when pressed, which usually happens in the heels.

3. Make the shoes white again

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Toothpaste has many uses besides cleaning your teeth. It works wonderfully as a cleaner for dirty shoes.

4. Get rid of an unpleasant smell

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Add a dry teabag to your shoes overnight, and the smell will be gone the next morning. Not bad!

5. Avoid blisters while running

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The upper holes in your running shoes have a purpose. Lace them up to reduce the risk of foot blisters.

6. Vinegar to remove salt stains

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You can easily make a mix of vinegar and water to clean your shoes. Mix water with vinegar in a bowl, and apply gently with a cloth or towel.

7. Loosen tight shoes

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Stretch the shoes by placing a sealed bag filled with water. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight. (It is important not to do this with shoes made of delicate materials)

8. Water resistant shoes

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Don't you have a waterproof spray at home? Take a wax candle and a hair dryer. Rub the candle on the shoe, then heat with the hair dryer. Seconds later, your shoes will be waterproof!

9. Ancient tip

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An age-old trick for removing stubborn stains is to prepare a mix of water and lemon juice. Dip a cotton ball and rub gently on the stains.

10. Avoid newspapers

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Never use newspapers to wipe your shoes. They may leave ink stains on the shoes, and it will be very difficult to remove them.

11. Sandpaper + suede = yes please!

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Do you have stains that don't want to come off your suede shoes? Try to take them down gently with sandpaper. Be very gentle, and be careful not to press too hard on the shoes with the sandpaper.

12. Better grip

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Use the same sandpaper to rub the bottom of the shoe to give them a better grip. Don't you have sandpaper at home? Use a nail file.


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