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Good-hearted people stopped the traffic on the highway to allow a giant snake to cross safely to the other side





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It's not every day that you see a giant snake crossing the main road.

For drivers in Porto Velho, western Brazil, they were forced to slow down, stop and watch in amazement as a giant snake slowly crossed the highway.

The anaconda snake made a very dangerous path on the highway trying to reach the forest on the other side.

The spectacular sight forced people to get out of their cars and watch. But then one man decided to help the snake and risked his life in the process.

"It was amazing to see", Italo Nancimento Fernandez said.

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"We decided to stop the car and get out", Fernandez said.

"There are no signs or road signs indicating that there are snakes crossing here, I've seen snakes being run over before, and I think it's a crime".

Fernandez decided he couldn't just watch from the sidelines so he got out and tried to stop the moving cars to protect the snake.

Fortunately, the other drivers wanted to help as well, so he wasn't alone in his attempt to protect the giant reptile.

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Praise activists for animals

Now Fernandez wants to pay tribute and pay respect to all the animal activists who save animals and especially to the people who helped him protect and keep the snake. Thanks to their action, the snake was able to return to its natural habitat.

"Not everyone keeps animals that way. Some people prefer to see them die", he said. "Seeing people help like that was a wonderful thing".

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The people who helped the snake received compliments from the biologist Flavio Terrasini, who, speaking to G1 Globo, estimated that the snake was about 10 years old.

"People did a good job in stopping the traffic in order to prevent the snake from being trampled", he added.

Watch them in action in the video below:

We are thankful that these animal lovers were there to protect and preserve this amazing animal.


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