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Mother of twins was warned she'll be taken off the flight, but the flight attendant knew she couldn't refuse what she heard





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Often a person's real face is exposed when he (or she) is in a difficult situation.

We have all been in such situations, when things aren't going well and it seems that the world just wants to throw disasters at us. While many mothers can identify with this, there is one specific mother who was sure her nightmare was real.

She was sitting a few rows in front of fashion and lifestyle blogger Mackenzie Murphy on a plane.. when she became part of a very unpleasant scene. Mackenzie didn't know she was going to experience something that would leave her no choice but to document it so the whole world could see..

When you think of sensible candidates to take off from flights, you're probably thinking of drunk or noisy passengers, or perhaps verbally or physically violent passengers towards others.

But someone you wouldn't think would be taken off a plane is a mother with two small babies.

I like this

Unfortunate circumstances

Well, Mackenzie Murphy saw this as she sat a few rows behind a mother who was flying alone with her two young children.

As she describes: "Yesterday, this woman on my flight had twin babies, looking less than half a year old, I'm not sure about the age. It was a busy flight, so they started taking the bags they came with to the plane to store in the cabinet of the plane. One of the employees who was at the plane's entry gate took the mother's safety seat, which means she would have had to hold the two babies, because they were not big enough to sit in the seat on their own".

As soon as the mother put the safety seat on the seat, a flight attendant came and told her that she could not seat the two babies because it posed a danger. The mother's original plan was to seat one of the babies in the safety seat, which is allowed, as long as there is room for the safety seat in the flight.

But because the flight was full, the mother was told she would have to get off the plane.

She was told to get off

When the worst situation imaginable slowly became a reality, it seemed that the mother will have no choice but to book another flight. But just at that moment, another passenger came to her help.

"A mother sitting in front of me, who received permission from the other mother, volunteered to hold one of the babies for the entire flight. Remember it was supposed to be a short 45-minute flight. Eventually the plane did not move for two and a half hours! Without complaining, the other woman fed the baby. This woman, and even helped him burp".

I like this

What’s more, the mother who volunteered to help had her own child in the chair next to her. When the little girl was jealous of the new baby who stole Mom's attention, the mother acted perfectly.

"Her daughter started crying. This mother, with incredible calm, explained to her little daughter that 'It's our job to help other people. This mother is alone here, and really needs the help of another mother'. So she continued to hold the baby, to sing him songs, and then he fell asleep for the entire flight without crying even for a moment".

Just.. Wow! What an amazing woman, who did above and beyond even though she did not have to. Not only did she made the day of the mother who was in distress, but she also proved herself as an inspiration to people all over the world.

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