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A goose started piercing the police car. when the policeman came out and followed her, he was amazed!





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During 26 years in cincinaty police, officers James Givens thought he saw everything.. until the day he followed a goose, who asked him to do so!

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While sitting in the police car, cop Givens heard voices, and when he looked out the window he saw a goose pecking non-stop on his window. When he thought the bird was just hungry, he offered her food, but she was not interested. Instead, she just kept pecking and quacking incessantly.

By Givens, "She just kept pecking and quacking. Then she went, she stopped and looked back. Then returned and continued to peck at the vehicle".

He knew she was trying to work out the attention for some reason. The second time the goose went and looked back at him, he decided to follow her. And the good he did.

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The Goose kept leading Givens to a grassy area near the creek about 90 meters out of his vehicle. As he approached, he noticed the feet of one of her babies attached to a string of a balloon. Mother Goose probably knew who to ask for help, just as any human parent would do if his child was in distress.

Although Givens knew the baby needs help, he was afraid to approach it in case the mother would think he was trying to attack him. He called on local SPCA, but no rescuers were available at the moment.

Fortunately, officer Cecilia Sharon, heard his call for help. Perhaps the goose more trusted a woman, and she watched as Sharon gently released her baby.

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Once baby duck got free, he joined his mother and swam with her to a safe place as Givens and Sharon are looking at them, feeling shocked of the experience they just went through.

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Officer Sharon even shed a tear, and said it was her highlight moment in her 24 years in duty.

"It sounds like something made up", said Givens. "It was just amazing. I really do not know why I decided to follow, but I did it. It makes me wonder - do they know to turn to humans for help?".

Most likely we will never know the answer, but at least in this case, everything worked in the best for all.


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