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A dog was thrown from the window of a moving car - so the driver behind them did the right thing





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Buddy, as he is now called, didn't quite get the winning lottery ticket of his life. He came to a family that neglected him and treated him very badly.

One day, no one knows why, Buddy's owner threw him out of the window of a moving car in the middle of the highway.

In an ideal world, every dog owner would be vetted and examined in one or another test before being allowed to adopt a dog, because as most animal lovers know, bringing a dog to your life is a very long term commitment.

But unfortunately, dog breeders of all kinds will sell dogs to anyone willing to pay.

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A car was driving on the highway when a driver saw something flying out the window of the car in front of him. As he approached, he discovered something unbelievable. What they found rolling on the road was a poor, helpless dog.

Although it was dangerous to get out of the car on the highway that was full of cars. They stopped and rescued Buddy.

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The incident left Buddy with many injuries. And the kind-hearted people who picked him up immediately took him to a veterinary hospital.

Buddy was admitted and spent six weeks in hospital before he could be released - but now he has a new family.

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At first Buddy didn't trust the people who cared for him at the hospital, which is certainly not strange considering what he had been through. But after a lot of treatments and love, Buddy's condition is excellent and he is now with the loving family that saved him.

Watch Buddy's recovery, including his amazing transformation:

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We don't understand how people can be so cruel. We really hope that the police find whoever did this to Buddy and that he gets the punishment he deserves.

Share the article with your family and friends to raise awareness and to make sure something like this doesn't happen again!


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