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A 35 week pregnant mother refuses to stop dancing - just look when she takes one step to the left





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Pregnancy can affect women differently. Some just want to lie in bed all day, unable to keep meals in their stomachs. And others can be more active and productive than ever before.

But for all of them, growing the baby in the womb is a journey, one that will hopefully end in incredible happiness that the mother can remember for the rest of her life.

Of course, when a family loves and supports it helps a lot. And the ideal scenario is one where the expectant parents can continue to live as normal a life as possible while they await the arrival of their little one.

And that is certainly the kind of thinking that the woman in the video below applies. She was in her 35th week of pregnancy, but that wasn't going to stop her from dancing salsa. Instead she went to the dance floor as usual, wearing a stunning dress and high heels.

Wonderful to watch

According to the British Baby Centre, dancing is a great way to stay active during pregnancy. As long as you haven't been told to do anything else, it's a good way to keep moving while you wait for the birth of the baby - and it's also safe and fun.

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Not only do most dances help with a sense of rhythm, they also strengthen the muscles and improve cardiopulmonary endurance. Of course it's important to take it slow when you start, but once you feel comfortable there is no problem to increase the pace.

It's really wonderful to see how the mother in the video moves. She not only has a lot of fun, she also puts on an amazing show for all the mothers in the world!

More than 10 million people have watched this video. Watch it below:

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