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This boy had terrible pain in his stomach after eating a burger - in the hospital they discovered the shocking reason





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It was a regular afternoon at the Fiora family. It was a hot spring day, so they decided to turn on the barbecue and eat burgers for dinner.

But very quickly their day has become a terrible nightmare.

The worst part was that their younger son Anthony was hit by an accident that turns out to be much more common than you thought.

Anthony was about to take a bite from his burger when he suddenly felt a tickle in his throat. Seconds later, he suffered from intense pain - he told his parents that he felt like a brand new knife was stuck in his stomach.

His parents immediately took him to the emergency room. The pain only worsened with every minute.

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At the hospital, Anthony was immediately taken to a CT scan. In the scan, they discovered a narrow metal thread stuck in the child's throat. The doctors suspected that this was a piece of metal brush with which the BBQ was cleaned.

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Anthony was immediately taken to surgery in which the metal wire was removed - and just as the doctors suspected, it was indeed a small leaf from the BBQ brush.

The surgery was successfully undergone, but Anthony was not completely recovering. The dirty metal piece put bacteria into the wound, and a few days later he suffered from infection. After taking antibiotics, Anthony was finally healthy enough to come home.

The first thing Anthony's parents did was throw the BBQ brush in the trash.

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According to the doctors, it was not the first time something like this happend. It is very common for these little metal leaves falling while cleaning the barbecue - and in the worst cases, they can get stuck on the BBQ net and move into the food.

Aziz Benbrahim - a surgeon in Midstate Medical Center, Connecticut, said he sees such cases frequently, some more severe than others.

"There is no official statistics on the subject. That's the problem. I believe it happens much more than you think", he said.

How to clean the grill without the brush? Watch the video below for a safer and more efficient method:

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