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A mother noticed something growing out of her baby's face - the doctors dug in and pulled out the unbelievable





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After noticing a red mark on their 7-month-old baby girl's face, father Aaron and mother Emma thought it might just be a small pimple.

They didn't take it too seriously, believing it would go away on its own. Unfortunately they were wrong, and what at first seemed like a normal everyday thing was diagnosed as something strange and bizarre.

This is without a doubt one of the strangest stories we've heard. This story took place a few years ago, but it is so strange that recently it is once again making headlines all over the world.

Newspapers like the Daily Mail as well as TV channels like CNN and CBS all reported the story of the baby who had something strange and unusual happen to her.

Red swelling on the baby's face

Since the red mark on the baby's face would not go away, her parents decided to take her to the hospital for a doctor's examination. The swelling only grew and grew, and mother Emma and father Aaron began to worry.

At first the doctors suspected it was a simple infection. But very quickly they realized that it was not a simple thing at all.

After undergoing several tests, the doctors realized that there was something stuck under the baby's skin. As soon as the doctor began to investigate and 'dig' they discovered that it was a .. feather!

Sounds amazing, right? Doctors believe that the baby must have somehow swallowed the feather, and the feather was trying to somehow get out of the baby's body. Fortunately, they were able to remove the feather without harming the baby girl.

Below you can watch the full report on the case on CNN, where the doctors and parents talk about the case:

I like this

It's amazing how the human body works sometimes.

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