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Mother left her baby locked inside a heated car in the sun, and went for a coffee - came back and realized the horrifying truth





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Mothers always think they can be better, that they don't do enough. But the reality is that most of them do their best. Most of them.

That's why it was shocking to hear that one mother thought it would be a good idea to leave her baby alone in the car while she was sitting for a coffee with friends.

What happened next was documented in the camera. Needless to say, the video has become viral, and people are really dissatisfied with it.

As reported in Televisa.NEWS, on March 22, in San Andrés Cholula, Mexico, a woman left her baby in the car while sitting in a cafe with her girlfriends.

Evidently passers-by saw the little girl and saw that she was distressed by the heavy heat that was present inside the car. The windows in the car were closed so one person tore off a traffic sign and used it to block the sun so the baby would not get a heat stroke.

Luckily, the passers-by managed to locate the baby's mother at a cafe nearby.

When she arrived, one of the witnesses began insulting her while she took her baby out of the car.

Humiliated and embarrassed by what happened, the mother apologized and said she did not want to be photographed.

"Poor baby, she's so red", said one of the people in the video.

I like this

"You stupid woman, take your baby with you", said someone else.

While the mother was shaking her baby in an attempt to calm her down, someone else told her she was "The mother of the year". Since this phrase has become a popular hash-tag (#MadreDelAño), and together with the images has become viral throughout the network.

Watch the video of the event below:

I like this

Some claim that the video shouldn't have been distributed on the web, and that mother has a right for anonymity.

But others believe it should be shared as much as possible as a warning signal. Make no mistake, this mother's negligence almost caused the death of her child. And unfortunately this was not the first and probably not the last time a baby or a child was left or forgotten in a car. Needless to say, such a thing should never happen!

What do you think about that? Leave your comment below and share the story to warn others of such irresponsible actions.


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