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This is how you will make your avocado ripen in one day





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With the following cool trick, you will no longer have to wait several days until you can eat your avocado, because you will make your avocado ripen in just one day!

You will probably agree that it is best to ripen your avocados at home, so that you can eat them immediately when they are ripe. Besides, it is also risky to buy an avocado that you think is already ripe at the store for two reasons.

The first reason - you don't know how long it has been lying ripe in the store, because there is a chance that it is already too ripe and has started to turn black under the skin.

The second reason - if the avocado ripened in the store, you cannot tell how many fingers pressed it and crushed it to the point of internal injuries.

This is why it is always best for you to buy the avocado when it is still hard and unripe, and wait about 3 days before you plan to eat it. But with this cool trick, you can make your avocado ripen quickly and naturally.

You can even buy a large amount of avocados at once and each time get one or two of them to ripen. Because this cool trick also allows you to control the amount of avocados you want to ripen.

Well, the next trick is the fastest way to get your avocados to ripen, so you can plan ahead for the kids' school sandwiches and/or weeknight dinners and all you need is a paper bag and an apple!

I like this

These are the things you need

How to do the trick

In the morning the avocado will be ready to eat!

The apple naturally releases a plant hormone called ethylene, which stimulates the ripening process and you can also use this method to cause other fruits and vegetables to ripen.

If you don't happen to have an apple at home, you can put an apricot, nectarine, plum, pear, mango, melon or papaya in the paper bag with the avocado, since each of these fruits produces the hormone ethylene.

Keep in mind that the apple or other fruit you have at home from the above list, which you put with the avocado in the paper bag, will also ripen faster.

So you can put in the paper bag with the avocado, one of the aforementioned fruits that is not yet ripe and earn two ripe fruits, in one paper bag, in just one day. Enjoy!

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