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Mom found a secret room behind her son's drawer - she opened the door, and was left amazed





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Several years ago, Sarah, Steve, and their 2 year old son have moved to their new house in California.

Sarah was expecting the move for quite some time, and took many pictures of the new home she and Steve have bought.

But she missed something in what turned out to be her son's bedroom - inside the room there was a little door, that she of course needed to explore further.

Sarah opened the door, that led to something unexpected (and also quite scary) - and that was how a new home renovating project that took 2 years to finish have started.

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Sarah Goer is a mother that loves creativity. She sews, decorates, and is also interested in interior design.

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Sarah creates amazing hand made blankets, and she created a blog with her project as a fun way to present her creations.

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Decoration and creation are at the root of the family's DNA - and Sarah's son also likes to help!

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When Sarah and Steve bought their new house, after a while they noticed a little door in their son's bedroom.

Of course, the parents were curious about what lays behind that door. So they opened it, and discovered an unpleasant surprise.

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The small chamber behind the door was decorated with a linoleum floor, old wooden panels, and exposed insulation. Who knows what happened here?

Due to the room's strange shape, Sarah and Steve realized that it would be difficult to turn this room into a useful one.

So they kept the door hidden behind a big drawer and never told their son about the secret room.

And then, after about a year in the new home, Sarah and Steve decided it was time to do something about the small room.

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Instead of breaking the wall to expand their son's room, Sarah and Steve had a better idea.

The "secret space", as the parents used to call it, was completed before their son's 4th birthday.

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They were working on the room secretely at the hours when their son was in kindergarten.

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Steve renovated the room and installed a new floor and new walls, and also fixed the insulation. He painted the room in a colour he knew his son loves.

And Sarah worked on the design.

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A short while after, the room was finished.

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In the day of their son's birthday, they gave him large clues that led him to the secret room. When he finally reached the drawer, mom and dad helped him to push it aside.

Of course, their son was very surprised and excited of his new room. What kid wouldn't want a secret place where he can spend time?

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Now their son have a place of his own to play and chill in "the secret treasure room".

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Sarah and Steve gave their 4 year old son a gift of which he can enjoy for the rest of his childhood. Such wonderful parents!

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It's no wonder that thousands of people got excited of this secret room too!


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