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A mother put potatoes inside her sick baby's socks, the next day she shared what they look like on her social network





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It seems impossible today to connect to any social media or network without running into some parent's trick.

Among various websites designed to help parents, blogs by moms and celebrities who give away their "two cents", there is a wide range of ideas for new and old parents.

Not all tricks have medical research to support them, but some have received a lot of attention from thousands of online parents.

It turns out you can put a potato in a sick baby's socks and it will help him/her feel better.

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Quite a few articles have been posted on the internet about inserting a sliced potato into a sick baby's sock during the night when they have a fever. In a 2014 article from a blog called The Mommy Doctor (which is run by a mother who is not really a doctor), Lisa wrote:

"It sounds silly and I'm not sure how it works, but it works! I sliced a potato into a piece smaller than my child's foot, spread it 0.3cm thick. I put the slice in his socks and his heat started to drop. I left the potato inside while he slept, and he slept wonderfully! Funny but worth a try!"

Her article, which is full of other natural remedies for sick babies, such as onions and mint, has gone viral. Other mothers tried this trick for themselves.

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A mother by the name Debbie Vigan shared on Facebook that she saw an article about inserting a potato slice into the baby's sock and she decided to give it a try herself.

"So I saw an article about putting a potato in the baby's socks when he was sick. So Deairres had a cold and I put potatoes in his socks last night at around 8-9pm. Continuous. The potatoes I took out of his socks were black, and before people shouted 'oxidized', I left the other parts of the same potato on the counter to see the difference.."

She sliced ​​two potatoes, leaving one on the kitchen counter, and the other put in her baby's socks for the night. Along with the post, she shared a picture showing the differences in potatoes after trying this trick.

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The potatoes in the baby's socks have turned black!

This trick has appeared in several forums for moms, such as the Baby Center and Earth Clinic to reduce fever. According to Idaho Potato, potatoes turn black after cutting them and they are exposed to air.

Even though the potatoes changed color, Debbie's son healed overnight! Many parents on the net swore this potato trick also helped their children.

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When she posted this on Facebook in early December 2017, it has gone insanely viral. The original post was shared over 350,000 times on Facebook, receiving more than 200,000 likes.

Many commenters wrote that they would try it the next time their child became ill. Others responded that it was an old grandmother's medicine.

Do you know anyone who has tried this trick?

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Disclaimer: This method is not scientifically proven, so it is by all means not a substitute for an expert opinion or advice


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