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Her parents lied to her for 31 years - and then she saw an old picture and discovered the truth





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Imagine that you are living your whole life believing in one thing.. only to discover something that will completely transform your world.

This is exactly what happened to 31-year-old Sylvina Martinez Pinto - and since she realized she was living a lie, she asked for help on Facebook.

Sylvina Martinez Pinto was sitting at her home in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, browsing her computer.

The 31-year-old looked at old family photos on Facebook - when she noticed something that he had changed everything.

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She noticed that her mother was not pregnant in any of the photos.

The weird thing? Silvina was born just a few weeks after the photos were taken.

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Sylvina had her suspicions, but the discovery struck her in astonishment. She realized that there was no doubt that she was an adopted child - and decided to confront her parents.

"It was very difficult to find out the truth, because I always had suspicions about it and they confirmed the suspicions to me but without giving me details", Silvina wrote on Facebook.

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All Sylvina was told is that she was born at 11:30 a.m., that her biological mother was 16 when she gave the birth, and that the name of the doctor who gave birth to her was Ricardo Craminetti. In a Facebook post, which has been shared thousands of times, Silvina asked for the public’s help in finding the truth.

"My adoptive mother does not know more details (or she does not want to tell me), the adoptive father passed away and I want to know what happened. If they abandoned me, if they sold me..", she wrote on Facebook.

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At the same time, Silvina said she is not judging her biological parents. She just wants to know more details about the woman who gave birth to her, if she has brothers or sisters, and why she was given up for adoption.

"I need to know so I can move on with my life and close this story that is directly related to my identity", she wrote in the post.

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