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A girl asked a rejected boy with Down's syndrome to the ball - a few hours later a car stopped and left her speechlessly





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Finding a date for the school's annual ball is at the top of every 17 year old's priority, so this can be a hard blow to the self confidence when no one wants to go with them.

Daniel Rivas, 17, who was born with Down's syndrome, wanted to go to the school ball. But unfortunately, he was rejected by every girl he asked.

All except one. Kylie Peronius was more empathic than others; She made Daniel the day by offering him to go with her to the ball. But what she didn't know was that she was about to receive the surprise of her life.

Daniel smiled a huge smile when Kylie asked him if he wanted to go to the ball with her.

"I don't think of children with different disabilities", Kylie said. "I think of them as ordinary people who learn a little differently".

The rumor have spread

When the rumor of Kiley's act began to spread at school, someone suggested that Fox 5 send their surprise squad to the ball.

Enjoyed a treat

Kylie and Daniel took photos and made pictures before the ball when Fox 5 sent a Rolls Royce to take the couple to the ball in style. But it didn't end there. On the way they stopped at a fancy restaurant where the two ate a meal together with Daniel's mother.

"I pass the restaurant often, but I always thought it's impossible to come up with the kids because it was so expensive", Daniel's mother said.

The surprise continued

And that was not the end. No, after Kylie and Daniel enjoyed the party, Fox 5 revealed they were sending them both to Disneyland along with their families.

Below you will be able to see the entire Fox 5 video - Watch Kylie and Daniel enjoy a night they will never forget.

I like this

Well, it certainly warmed our hearts. It only proves and shows the power of karma.

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