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7-year-old boy desperately tried selling his teddy bear for food. Then, a police office came into the picture and did above and beyond to save the sit





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It was a heartbreaking case when a police officer responded to reports of a 7-year-old boy wandering the streets alone.

Officer Steve Dunham was on patrol in Ohio when he was called to the scene and found a child in distress.

According to the police, the boy tried selling his teddy bear so he could buy some food because he had not eaten for several days.

"We received a report about a boy from a worried citizen who walked into the police station and said there was a little boy holding a doll at a main intersection in the city", said Officer Dunham.

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When Dunham arrived to the scene, he noticed the boy standing near a pharmacy. He got out of the car to talk to him. The boy was apprehensive at first, Dunham said.

"I think he thought he was in trouble", Dunham said. "He told me he was hungry and that he was trying to get money for food".

So Officer Dunham took him to buy him food and then took him back to the police station.

"We said a little prayer and ate dinner together", Dunham said.

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Police chief, Ras Whitman, said police officers will always take care of a child in such cases as if he were their child.

"They treat them like their children and that is exactly what is expected of law enforcement authorities in such cases, we will take care of them as if they are our children".

"I'm very proud of my cops for what they did, but cops all over the world do above and beyond every day", Whitman said. "We were just in the spotlight. You can find stories like those about cops everywhere. That's why they went to be police officers, to help people".

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When the police investigated the kid, and inspected the house where he lived with his parents and four siblings in, they were shocked by the terrible living conditions they had.

The police officers who went to the boy's house said that "The house was in a terrible condition and there were more children there". There was garbage and empty bottles of alcohol everywhere.

"Cockroaches, urine, cat urine, human urine", Chief Whitman described the boy's home.

According to the police, four other boys, ages 11, 12, 15 and 17, lived in the home.

Danger to the child

The parents were arrested and charged with 10 charges of neglection.

"Hopefully the action the cops did changed the lives of the children and changed the lives of the parents".

Watch Officer Dunham's modest response to his heroic deeds in the video below:

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This story is another example of police compassion. Thank you Officer Dunham for helping the little boy. The boy must have been starving if he tried selling his teddy bear to buy food. Dolls are perhaps the most important thing for young children. We hope this little boy and his siblings will not return to their irresponsible parents.

Our hearts go out to these poor children.

Please share this story to pay homage to officer Dunham and all the other cops who do above and beyond every day.


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