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No one came to the autistic kid's birthday, so these cops saved the day





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Birthdays are an important part of every kid's childhood, and a great memory they take with them for their entire life.

But for one little boy, his special day almost became a disaster - until the local police saved the day. And thanks to the kindness of the police officers, the kid received a birthday he will never forget.

Glenn Buratti is a little boy from St. Cloud, Florida. He suffers from epilepsy and mild autism. But like any other child, he waited for his birthday. So last year, his mother, Ashley, invited 16 of his classmates to celebrate their special day.

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But when the big day arrived, no one came. Glenn was broken and his mother turned to Facebook to express her frustration.

"I know this might be something silly to get upset about, but my heart is broken because of my son", she wrote on Facebook. "He keeps asking when will my friends come".

And very soon her post the reached sheriff of the county.

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A short time later, police and fire personnel arrived to the birthday party together with their children.

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And they brought presents

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Glenn got a change to drive in a police car

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And spent together with policemen and firemen

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"Glen just smiled and waved to us all the time", Ashley Buratty told CBS news. "It was amazing".

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"The people who came were just amazing", Ashley added.

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We don't know about you, but this story gives hope to humanity.


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