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A picture of a cop curling up with an abandoned toddler has become viral - look closely and you'll understand why





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Officer James Hurst, father of two, may be new in the police but he seems very experienced after finding an abandoned toddler walking around the streets of Georgia.

Officer Hurst and other police officers were called to a neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia, after reports of a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler walking alone in the streets were received. A picture of him taking care of the child was posted on the network and received many reactions.

He and his partners picked up the toddler and took him immediately to the emergency room where they examined him. The toddler was in distress and in understandable hysteria. Officer Hurst was so sad from what he saw that he could not leave him alone.

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He said, "The boy, being so young, was in trauma and hysteria, crying, he howled, and I asked the hospital staff if I could hold him to try to comfort and calm him so he could continue to receive medical treatment, Then I stood up and he slept on my chest, and with all the equipment I had, it was heavy for me to keep this little boy, so that was the moment I decided to sit on the bed so that he and I would have an easier time".

Hurst's paternal instinct came into play and he managed to calm him down and the little boy fell asleep on his chest.

His picture of the toddler has become viral, even though he considers it part of his job, and he is very moved by the wonderful reactions and praise of people to him.

The toddler is now in a safe place and in good health with Georgia's welfare authorities. Hopefully, it won't be long before he finds a warm and loving home.

As for Hurst, he doesn't think he did anything special or unusual when he said, "That's what we do, every day, not only me, but other 600 police officers in this department, much more than chasing bad people. To serve the public and the communities and to do what they need you to do".

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Police officers work hard to keep our communities daily. Share this story if you agree and want to thank the authorities for everything they do.


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