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The daughter found her father outside her mother's room - when she looked closely her heart was broken





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No matter how many times you say 'I love you', if you're not showing it, the words don't mean much.

And to be happy in a marriage, you not only have to find the right person - it is also important to do the right things.

When you get married, you promise that you will always be there with your spouse, at better or worse times. And the story of the couple John and Marcy Newman show it perfectly.

Look at the picture below and read the powerful story behind it - you will understand why the picture has spread around the internet like fire in a field of thorns.

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It all started when John and Marcy's 17-year-old daughter, Mackenna, took a picture of her father's and posted it on Twitter.

But along with the picture was also a heartbreaking message.

In October 2017, her mother Marcy received terrible news - she was suffering from thyroid cancer. She started radiation therapy, which meant she had to be isolated in the bedroom.

But she was not alone because John refused to leave her side.

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John found a way to support his wife, without being exposed to the radiation himself.

"My mother had to stay in her room in isolation during radiation therapy, so my father put a table by the door to entertain her, and now I can't stop crying", Mackenna wrote on Twitter. Mackenna posted the photo about two weeks later, and it has been shared tens of thousands of times since.

According to Mackenna, her father sits outside her mother's room 'all the time'. Mother Marcy said it was a normal behavior of her loving husband John.

"John goes to every doctor's appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every screening, and as you can see, if he can't be by my side, he's as close as he can", Marcy said.

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What a wonderful and loving father! A wonderful example of how love and marriage really should be.

We hope that with the help of John's support, Marci healed from the damned disease. We have no doubt that with the help of her amazing husband, the chances are in her favor.


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