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A 99-year-old man walks 10 km every day - when the reason is revealed the heart just breaks





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Let’s face it, getting old isn't that fun. Your body is no longer functioning as it used to, friends who were once close become distant memories, and there can be a sense of sadness when you think that your good days are already behind you.

But for some people age is not an obstacle. Definitely not for Luther Younger.

His wife of 55 years has been diagnosed with a head tumor about nine years ago, but nothing will stop him from seeing her.

99-year-old Luther is a living proof that love can last forever.

He and his wife, Waverlee, have been married for 55 years and every day he goes to visit her at the hospital.

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He could get a ride or ride a bus but he prefers walking.

"I have a wife. I don't want to wait for the bus. I want to walk by foot to see my wife", he said.

About nine years ago Luther's wife received the terrible news. Waverlee was diagnosed with a head tumor and the doctors did not think she would live more than five years. But today, she's been fighting for almost nine years, and Luther has always been there by her side.

A local celebrity

Luther himself has become a kind of a local celebrity, and many people want to stop and talk to him.

But 99-year-old Luther refuses. He thinks it is better for him to continue walking, and this walk helps him clear his head.

The daily route, which is about 3 miles in each direction - is not a show of strength or power, but a proof of the connection and relationship that exists between him and his wife.

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"She's a beautiful woman and she treats me the way any human being should treat. She made me a real man", he said.

"That's why I love her, because she's tough. She's not weak.. that's the kind of woman I want."

The couple's daughter, Lutheta, would have preferred her dad to get a ride, at least on the hot days, but Luther doesn't want to hear about it.

"He always cared for her as he cares for her now. He loves my mother, he will do everything for her", she said.

Watch Luther's emotional story in the video below:

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