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24 amazing and interesting facts about left-handed people you didn't know





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Although medical experts still can't say why some people become left-handed, research has found a complex link between our genes and the environment.

Of course, the experts did not find 'left-handed' genes, but they did notice that the number of left-handed people is higher in a left-handed family.

In addition, they found that brain activity of a left-handed is different from that of a right-handed. Because left-handed people spend their entire lives adjusting to the world of right-handed people, they are more independent.

In this article you will find 24 fun and interesting facts that you probably did not know about lefties.

1. The word left (in English) is originally derived from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft which means broken or weak.

2. In most cases - left people use the right hemisphere of the brain

3. 5-10 percent of the world's population are lefties

4. They are good at sports, like swimming, boxing, tennis, basketball, etc.

5. They get used to seeing underwater faster than right-handed people

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6. More than 40% of the world's top tennis players are left-handed

7. They reach puberty later, even 5 months after right-handed people

8. According to statistics, left-handed university graduates will be 26% richer than right-handed university graduates

9. They are 3% more likely to become alcoholics

10. 7 out of 45 US presidents were left handed

11. In animals, such as cats, mice and rats, the percentage of left-dominant and right-dominant is equal

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12. The longest English words that can only be printed with the left hand when placed normally are: sweater, dresses, and tesserae decades

13. One of four of the Apollo spacecraft astronauts was left-handed

14. One study found that leftists process emotions differently from right handed people, and that they get irritated faster

15. Studies have shown that leftists are better at math, architecture, and being aware of the environment, while right handeds have better verbal abilities

16. On August 13 the left handed's day is celebrated

18. In the past, being left-handed was considered a bad thing linked to rebellion, a sign of the devil, homosexuality, and a tendency for crime. But still, it was also a sign of creativity and musical talent.

19. They have a greater risk of insomnia

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20. The United States has more than 30 million left handed people

21. Women over age of 40 who become pregnant have a 128% greater chance of having a left handed baby than a women in their 20s. Some of the cruelest killers in history have been leftists: Jack the Ripper, the Boston Chokes, and Osama Bin Laden

22. Medical experts have found that in the case of a left hand injury, left people adapt faster to use the right hand than how right people use their left hand given a similar condition

23. According to a study, left people suffer more from allergies and asthma than right

24. The feature is inherited in the family. For example, members of the British royal family, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother, and Prince Charles - are all leftists.


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