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What this couple did with their old CDs is crazy - just look at their kitchen





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They entered the market like storm and quickly exchanged vinyl records in living rooms in every home. But just as they came so quick, that's how quickly the CDs disappeared and got replaced by online music or small MP3s players.

So what will you do with all the CDs you have collected over the years? No one wants to throw them in the trash, but it's not that they provide anything but collecting dust on the shelf. Most of us don't even have instruments capable of playing them, do we?

Well, maybe this couple's ingenious idea will give you some inspiration. They took their old disks and turn into amazing mosaics in their kitchen.

Pasting old disks on the wall may sound a little awkward, but the truth is that it creates an effect that will amaze your guests.

Depending on where you stand, the light reflection on the disks creates a wonderful light spectacle and fills the room with light and color.

The project took them about two months, but that's because they took the time, and didn't rush with it.

I like this

So how did they do it? Well, first of all they cut the disks into small pieces.

They tried to use different scissors until they found the best pair for them. Then, they just started cutting.

If you are not looking for a specific design, it may be fun to look at all shapes and sizes.

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When the pieces were ready, it was time to stick them to the wall.

They spontaneously glued the pieces to the wall, starting with the big pieces. Then they filled the holes with the little pieces. But another smart tip is to start at one end and continue from there.

It is very important to use a strong glue to keep the pieces glued to the wall.

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After the entire wall was covered with pieces of CDs, it was time to finish the job.

They filled the clean parts between the disks with grout, and the disk mosaic was complete!

The result? Just beautiful!

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What do you think? The colors are simply stunning.

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You can find the complete guide on how to make this disk mosaic here.

Now I sure won't throw my disks in the trash!


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