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The father refused to sell their old baby crib. So what did he do with it? Simply ingenious!





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I won't deny - I am one of the people that collect everything and never throw anything away.

And as you can imagine, it affects my home quite a bit - especially in the warehouse. But lately I started to think more effectively (as if I had a choice), and every time I found myself hesitating whether or not to throw something away, I asked myself one simple question: Is there anything else I can do with it?

And as it turns out, the answer to the question can be wherever the imagination will take me, and a great example of where imagination can take you is in these amazing projects made with baby crib.

I just loved them all.. especially number 7. It just looks wonderful!

So the lesson I learned today - don't throw old baby crib, as they can become so many other things!

1. When the childrens grow, the crib can become a playhouse

I like this

2. But it can also serve us adults.. for example, a wonderful sofa to the balcony

I like this

3. Or why not make it the perfect table for the grill outside?

I like this

4. Or a chair to rest in the yard

I like this

5. Or a rack to dry clothes on

I like this

6. Or shelves to display your beautiful porcelain ware

I like this

7. Why not turn your baby crib into a beautiful (and useful) table

I like this

8. Or a less complicated project - shelf for hanging kitchen utensils

I like this

9. Or a general shelf

I like this

10. It is also perfect for storing jewelry

I like this

11. Last but not least, a perfect shelf for newspapers and magazines

I like this


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