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A 5-year-old carried his 2-year-old sister out of a burning home, ran back inside to saved the rest of the family





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A 5-year-old kid has been praised and given the nickname 'hero' after waking up to burning flames by his bed on Sunday morning and making sure all nine of his family members have left the danger zone safely.

"I picked Lily up, went to the window with her, took the dog and went outside", said 5-year-old Noah Woods. "That's it."

But he did much more than that.

On a Sunday morning, an electrical short circuit caused a fire in the room where Noah slept with his two-year-old sister Lily. After realizing the danger, he took the sister and the family dog and ran to the window.

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According to the fundraiser that was set up to help the family, Noah, Lily and the dog came out the window. Once they were safe, Noah walked back in to wake his uncle so they could help the rest of the family out of the burning house together.

"Our hero!" is the official statement published by the Barlow County Fire Department.

"5-year-old Noah Woods woke up to find that his bedroom was on fire. The only way out was through the window. He rescued himself and his 2-year-old sister and then went inside to extract the rest of the family."

Fortunately, all nine members of the family left home safely, and with the exception of a very minor burn on Noah's arm, no one was injured.

"Noah and four other family members were treated for very minor burns and smoke inhalation.. On Friday, Fire Chief Dwayne Jameson will give Noah a recognition and life-saving award."

"If not Noah, we would all still be sleeping, and we wouldn't know what was going on", said Noah's grandfather, David Woods. "We could have lost our lives."

Now the family has to rebuild the house that has been completely demolished - but at least they will do it with all the family members together.

"If not Noah, we might not be here today", David wrote.

Noah, you are a true hero. You saved the life of your family. We have no doubt that your community will help you rebuild your home. Please share this amazing story with your friends and family to pay tribue to the wise child and his life saving instinct.


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