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New study reveals: women need to lay on the sofa and rest when they come back from work





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Women need to start calming down more. According to a recent study in Denmark, women need to lay on the sofa and rest when they come back from work.

While you are at work you always think about what you need to do back home, and when you are at home you always think about what you need to do at work. This sounds familiar to many of us, but it turns out that it is the case especially in women. A new Danish study examined stress levels among women and men, and has found that among women the stress level is much higher.

The study included urine tests of men and women at the beginning and end of the day. The results showed that the level of stress in women decreased only around 22:00-23:00 PM. When stress levels in men decreased immediately after they came back home after work.

According to the research team that made the study, the level of stress in women continues well deep into the night because they are doing more household chores than men, who rest as soon as they finish their working day. According to the statistics, women in Denmark are investing every day 243 minutes on household chores, compared with 186 minutes by men.

Anne Marie Tolstrof, a doctor at the Ahros hospital in Denmark, who led the study, recommends that women will try to lay down and rest as soon as they return home. She says she sees 80% more women than men with stress-related problems.

"We heard about exercise prescriptions and prescriptions for diet, but I have to say that I recommend couch prescription couch", said Tolstrof.

The doctor recommended that women lay more on the sofa and try to do less housework, as she adds that women must try to leave work at the end of the day, just like men.

What do you think? There is no doubt that men can contribute more in house chores in every home.


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