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Father booked 6 flights for Christmas - when I found out why the tears did not stop for a second





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Christmas or any other holiday is the time when people gather and meet with their family. But unfortunately, when people have busy lives and family members sometimes live far away from each other, it is not always easy to hold such family events.

For father Hal Vaughan, spending time with his daughter, Pierce, has always been a top priority, so when the holiday season came in the United States he wanted to see her as much as possible.

But there was one problem. Pierce is a flight attendant at Delta, and had to work for the entire christmas, which means she could not be with her family on the holiday.

But Hal had a solution to the problem and now millions of people around the world were amazed at the loving and amazing gesture of the devoted father.

Well, Hal understood that his beloved daughter would not come home for the holidays, so he did something very unique: he came to meet her in the skies instead.

In fact, Hal booked himself no less than six flights, just so he could spend time with Pierce during the holidays.

Like many airlines, Delta offers benefits to family members and parents can fly for free within the United States based on availability, which means they can only get a seat if the plane is not full of paying customers.

But the Vaughan family had a christmas miracle: Hal managed to get on all six flights he wanted, he even won a first-class seat on one flight from Florida to Michigan, Pierce wrote on her Facebook.

While on the flight, Hal shared his story with the passenger sitting next to him, a man named Mike Levy.

Mike was so moved by the story that he later posted it on his Facebook page, and posted a selfie of himself along with Hal and Pierce that was in Delta's flight attendant uniform.

"I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal on my flight back home. His daughter, Pierce, was our flight attendant who had to work during Christmas :(. Hal decided he would spend the holiday with his daughter. So he flew on each of her flights today and tomorrow all over the country to spend christmas with his daughter :). What a wonderful father! Wishing you both a Happy holiday!", Mike Levy wrote in the post.

Mike's post went viral, and tens of thousands of people shared and commented on it, complimenting the devoted father.

"She is lucky to have a family that loves her so much", one person wrote.

"A true representation of what really matters in life. Most of the gifts in boxes will soon be forgotten. This sweet memory will be remembered forever", wrote another.

All for his daughter

Hal has always supported his daughter's career choices, even putting the wings in her uniform after she was hired to work as a flight attendant.

But a few months after Pierce began her first job as a flight attendant, Hal suffered an unfortunate accident and broke his neck. He had to undergo surgery, and could not walk or eat on his own during this period. There was even a fear that he would never be able to walk again.

Fortunately, after several months of hard work, Hal has recovered almost completely, and was able to afford to fly and spend time with his daughter on the holiday.

Behind the scenes was Pierce's loving mother, who Pierce says sacrificed for the group: "I was never without my parents at Christmas, so my mom sacrificed and stayed home with all the pets so he could travel with me for the first time since the accident", she said.

What a wonderful family and amazing story! Share if Hal's love for his daughter warmed your heart too!


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