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An 11-year-old boy was documented doing something for his sister that left her in tears and his family heart broken





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11-year-old La'Darious Wylie was just like any other boy in his neighborhood.

But his true character was revealed when he reacted according to what he learned at home.

And that is the exact opposite of what we usually see.

It was on a road in Chester, South Carolina, that La'Darious Wylie was waiting for a ride to school with his seven-year-old sister, Sha’Vonta.

When they stood there, something happened in a fraction of a second that would change their family's life forever.

Heighting 1.30 meters and weighing about 30kg, La'Darious was more courageous than most adults.

And at that morning, he did something that most of us would have been afraid to do.

La'Darious, his sister Sha’Vonta, and another group of children stood in an area without sidewalks, waiting for a ride to take them to school.

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While they were waiting, a car driver who had lost control had veered off the track and was driving in a high speed straight into the direction of La'Darious's sister.

The noisy group of students didn't notice that Sha'Vonta found herself in imminent danger.

"He knew to look out for her", said Elizabeth McCrorey, La'Darious and Sha'Vonta's mother.

In a fraction of a second he pushed his little sister aside so that he was in the track of the car that had lost control.

Unfortunately, La'Darious was killed by the speeding car.

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The 11-year-old boy pushed his sister from danger to a safe place in order to save her life and took her place in the danger line.

According to the reports, the car hit La'Darious with such force that the child's small body caused great damage to the Nissan car.

What happened next was also terrifying: Instead of stopping to see how well was the boy, who was lying on the ground, struggling for his life - the car driver quickly ran away from the place.

He remained lying on the ground mortally wounded, fighting for his life on the street corner. The other children who witnessed the accident rushed to call an ambulance.

The brave boy was rushed by helicopter to the hospital, but unfortunately did not survive.

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La'Darious's cousin, Kimberly Robinson, praised the child, saying:

"He was his mother's little jewel, he was a good boy, an outstanding student, and a gifted athlete, he was a great fan of the Baltimore Ravens, who were supposed to take him to meet the local football team this week, Because he loved the game so much".

Elizabeth McCrorey always taught her son to keep for his sister and be a good boy.

And the last thing La'Darious did in his life was exactly that.

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He knew how to protect his sister, and he did it when he pushed her away from danger at the cost of his own life.

"I'm glad he saved my life", Sha'Vonta said. "He was a great big brother".

His mother, Elizabeth, decided to donate his organs so that other children could live.

"I thought about it a lot, and if my child can save the life of one child, as he saved the life of his sister, then his death was not in vain".

Two days after the tragedy, the killing driver, 57-year-old Michelle Johnson turned herself in to the police and was charged with a hit-and-run accident that caused death.

Johnson claimed she thought she had hit an animal. According to the testimony, after the accident she put her grandchildren at school.

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But Elizabeth McCrorey refuses to hate the woman who killed her son.

"I don't hate her, just a pity she didn't stop", she said after seeing the picture of Johnson's arrest.

Michelle Johnson, the hitting driver, received a suspended sentence 21 months after she pleaded guilty.

She was facing a five-year probation. Hoping her name would be forgotten quickly - but let's keep the legacy of La'Darious alive.

The boy touched people all over the world for his heroic act.

"It's just amazing that so many people now know what an amazing boy he was", said mother Elizabeth.

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The young hero is an example to all of us. He sacrificed his life for the sake of his sister's life and even after his death, helped saving other children's lives when his mother donated his organs.

He also showed us that anyone can dare to be brave, and we owe him never to forget him for his heroism.

Please share for the memory of La'Darious.


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