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A Mother lost her daughter in a terrible accident. Months later, she found secret letters in her room





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She was just a regular 16-year-old girl with all her life ahead of her. She loved spending time with her boyfriend, she loved laughing and having fun with friends, and above all, she loved her family.

Unlike many boys and girls, Macy Mathis did not feel embarrassed to spend time with her family. On the contrary, there was nothing she loved more than spending time with them. And maybe that's why a year before the tragic accident, the poetic girl began writing secret letters to her mother.

And when her mother, Cindy, found the handwritten letters a few months after her daughter's death, she was suffocated with tears.

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And just like that, Macy's life has ended. It was a nightmare that no parent should ever experience - that your child is taken from you, and instead a huge hole is left in the heart.

It was impossible to bring Macy back. She was killed in a car accident. It was unfair and inexplicable, and her mother missed her more than anything.

Cindy just wanted to close a circle - and the days and months after Macy's death were the most horrible days in her life.

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But then one day, Cindy stumbled upon something. Before her daughter left the world, she gave her a valuable gift - 25 letters enclosed in envelopes on various subjects.

There were letters for white nights, letters for difficult days, letters for when her mother was having little daily problems - all ready to be opened and read when she needed them. And in that pile, there was also a letter that made Cindy freeze - a letter that his headline said "Open when you miss me".

Cindy wasn't sure how she would react when she opened the letter. What would her daughter tell her from the other side of the grave? Was Cindy really ready to read the words that would close her circle?

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With shaking hands and her heart pounding strongly, Cindy carefully opened the letter. Her daughter wrote:

"Hi Mom. I'm sorry you miss me. I hope that no matter where you are now and no matter what you do, that you're okay. I probably miss you too. I honestly don't like being away from home for too long. I get home sick pretty easily. When I was little and lived with Dad, I always looked forward to seeing you and being with you."

"I think part of it is because you've always had delicious food at home, but mostly because I just missed you so much. I will always and forever love you Mommy. Thanks for everything you've done for me. Macy Mathis."

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The letter was exactly what Cindy needed. She went through the toughest months of her life, having lost the daughter she loved the most. But in the midst of all the sadness and sorrow, this letter finally allowed her to say goodbye. It also showed how special Macy was and what a connection she had with her mother.

Cindy wiped away the tears, and a while later, she posted the letter on a Facebook page she set up in memory of her daughter, where she also talks about the feelings she had when reading the letters Macy's left for her.

"This letter was so hard for me to open. You don't know how much Mommy misses you! There's no minute that passes without me thinking about you. My stone, my best friend, my world..", Macy's mother wrote. "We love you so sweetly!! Mommy miss you more than you can imagine! Good night my sweet sweet angel."

It is impossible not to shed a tear from this story. It touched us right in the heart. No parent should go through the pain and sorrow of losing a child - but we are glad that Cindy at least got a chance to close the circle she so badly needed.

Please share Macy's beautiful goodbye letter to honor the memory of this sweet girl who had so many smart things to say. May she rest in peace!


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