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Rich couple laughed at a mother for 5 in the supermarket line: then a strange woman got upset and did what no one dared





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"Never judge a book by its cover" is a phrase we've all heard thousands of times.

This story shows why we should take this sentence to heart.

The message of the story is extremely important, so it is important that more people read it.

It was another ordinary day for Lindsay Rae at the grocery store buying groceries for dinner. The grocery store was full of people and children screaming.

Many people seemed tired, especially one mother of five. She did everything she could to keep all her children, but still got angry looks from people around her.

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A couple that stood in line behind her began talking about the woman and her children. Two children were as white as the mother, and the other three were black.

The couple began talking aloud about how many "fathers" these children must have.

"Can't even dress these kids with weather-appropriate clothes", they said. "Wait and see, she'll pull out the food coupons soon".

Lindsay was getting more and more upset with the cheeky couple, but she felt she had enough of her own work with her 3-year-old daughter who was with her.

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But the couple went on, "Here's our tax money at work".

That was when Lindsay had enough. She turned and began to scold the couple before going to the mother, who did not understand how the food coupons she held in her hands work.

Lindsay realized that the mother was the biological mother of two of the children and saw that there were several items of clothing in her shopping cart.

"Foster or adopted children?", Lindsay politely asked the woman. "I have 9 children.. two biological. I understand. Please let me help".

The woman smiled, but she looked embarrassed.

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"A new foster mother. This is my first time using these (food coupons). They (the kids) arrived three days ago. They'll be with us for a while. They've given us food, but the kids need clothes. But so far, we haven't received funding for it" , The woman said.

Lindsay looked at the kids and told them it was nice that they were behaving well and that they could stay together. She then showed the foster mother how the food coupons work.

The two women hugged before saying goodbye to each other, and Lindsay assured her that she would do something about the brazen couple.

And as soon as the mother and her five children were not within eyesight, Lindsay turned to the couple and opened her mouth.

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"Those children? They lost the right to live with their parents just days ago, those clothes? probably the only clothes they own, or got to leave their home with. THAT woman? Opened her home to kids, kids that needed a safe place to go, when the one they lived in no longer prooved safe enough or secure enough for them. The food stamps, something health and welfare helps an already mother to two feed three new mouths. There are not nearly enough women or people like her this world AND even IF those kids were all hers, and she had a dozen "baby daddies" and was on food child in this country or any other deserves to be cold or hungry, I am sorry, but your behavior? Poorly done, VERY poorly done".

The couple bowed their heads in shame and moved to another checkout.

Here is the original post Lindsay posted on Facebook:

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Although it sounds awful, such behavior is not uncommon.

Never judge people, because you have never been in their shoes.

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