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Why you must always wash your clothes with vinegar - the reason is simply genius





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Most people wash their clothes using a laundry gel, liquid or detergent. And it's most likely that you're one of those people as well. We won't tell you to stop - after all the laundry gels or liquids still do their job. Instead, we'd like you to consider using an old and wonderful ingredient - Vinegar. And the reason for this will surprise you.

Launry washing gel and the likes should make clothes clean and fresh. And of course, they do their job pretty well. But what not everyone knows is that these substances aren't realy that healthy.

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Hidden toxins

Many detergents contain unhealthy chemicals that break the elasticity of the clothes and perfum the garment with one specific toxin, according to Expressen.

Phthalates, a component found in many detergents to give clothes a good smell, is actually a hormone-releasing substance. It is harmful for small children and can cause allergic reactions.

In addition, these chemicals damage nature and the environment as soon as they are depleted into our water.

Why vinegar

A much better alternative is vinegar. It gives the same softness to the garment without harm. Vinegar is not only good for your clothes, it is also excellent for the washing machine because it helps it to stay clean and break down the accumulation of fur.

Vinegar neutralizes bad odors in clothes - and of course it is very cheap! A bottle of vinegar costs way less than a laundry gel bottle. And when you use a tenth of a cup for a machine, a bottle of vinegar is enough for 48 washings!

To give a good smell to your clothes you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil - which will ensure your clothes smell heavenly.

I like this

Recipe for natural laundry detergent:

Here's a great natural recipe you can use:


Mix the vinegar, essential oil and water in a bottle. Shake well and pour the same amount into the washing machine as you would normally.

I had no idea vinegar can be so good for the laundry. I will definitely start using this method from now on. Tell your friends about this trick, they will thank you alot!


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