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10 cooking tricks and tips that only chefs know of





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Cooking can be one great pleasure when you know the all small "chef" tricks in the kitchen, while if you don't - it can be difficult and sometimes annoying.

Today we will share with you 10 useful kitchen cooking tricks that can be very helpful as you cook or bake, and will certainly make your life much easier.

1. Boil water before putting them in the ice tray, the ice cubes will be completely clear and transparent.

2. Check the age of the eggs to see if they are still good for eating:

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3. If you like eggs and cook them a lot, you should know that it can also be done in the oven - 160 degrees celcius for 15 minutes.

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4. Roll the lemon with a little pressure on the countertop to get the juice out if it more easily.

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5. You can keep the wine cold with some grapes.

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6. This simple and easy trick will help you peel ginger in seconds!

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7. Peel garlic easily this way: put the garlic cloves in a closed jar, shake it well, and that's it! The shell will fall off on its own.

8. If you put it in a bag, it will be alot easier to eat ice cream with a spoon because it will not freeze.

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9. Place a wooden spoon on the pot to keep the water from flowing out.

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10. Put a few slices of lemon on the grill and then the fish on top. It will add a wonderful and juicy flavor to it.

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