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If your clothes come out stinky from the laundry machine, don't buy a new machine. Learn this trick instead..





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Mold in the laundry machine? Yes, it can happend. You might think that the laundry machine will be clean, but mold accumulates and stays inside the machine.

This could be a reason why your clothes come out with a stinky smell of mold after the machine finishes its work. Mold spores will attach to your clothes and make them stink. It's likely that you won't see them, but if you have mold in your laundry machine, most chances are that your clothes will get it's smell. That's realy nasty, and can also cause health problems.

There was even a large lawsuit once against a big manufacturer of laundry machines.

Fortunately, there's something you can do about it. And no, you don't need to buy a new laundry machine. With 2 ingredients only you can solve the problem once and for all.

Pretty nasty, isn't it? Most people usually call a professional, and when they hear the price, they simply buy a new laundry machine.

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Apparently, you can bring your machine to be just as if it was a new one. All you need is half little of white vinegar, and bleach.

Do not mix them together!! vinegar and bleach become extremely toxic when they are mixed together, so you have to use them seperately.

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So, mix the bleach with an equal amount of water. After that, take a towel and soak it with the diluted bleach and wipe the parts you can reach. This includes the area under the rubber. There will be areas you can't reach, so just leave the wet bleach towel there for 30 minutes. This kills the mold.

Now turn on the machine when it's empty on the hottest setting. This will wash the bleach.

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After the machine finished, add the half litter white vinegar to the place where you usually put the laundry powder, and activate the machine again when it's empty on the hottest setting. And that's it. You're done, and your laundry machine will be clean like a new one. Definitely an effective and cheap solution to cleaning the machine.


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